Sports Fans Annoy Me - Terence McDermott

- Terence McDermott

 Today i was at an Arizona Coyotes game. The Coyotes were playing the Buffalo Sabers. Unlike most Coyotes games i have been to this year, the stadium was pack and rowdy. Both teams fans were chanting loudly.  The Sabres scored one goal in the first period and then got a second goal in the second period. The Coyotes played two unispired and unimpressive periods of hockey. The Yotes even gave up a goal while the were on a play. They just didnt look right.


It could have had something to do with one of their longest tenured players being traded right before puck drop. Martin Hanzal and Ryan White were trade just minutes before the game. That has to be tough for a team to overcome.


The third period rolled around and things just seemed different. The Yotes were hitting players, making crisp passes and attacking the goal. Max Domi seemed to be on a mission after his goal went in. The team seemed to play with passion and tied the game up.


Here is where I have a problem with sports fans. We have a hockey tied 2-2 with four minutes left and i start noticing fans leaving. Why on Earth would you leave a game EVER is my  question but in this case it really bothers me. Four minutes isnt long in hockey seeing as the clock barely ever stops. And guess what happened the Coyotes scored a goal with 19 seconds left and won the game! So exciting!


The people who left the game didnt even get out of the stadium before the crowd erupted in cheer as the home team prevailed with time running out! Was the extra time you took to TRY and beat traffic worth actually veiwing an epic comeback? Even a casual fan would enjoy the crowds reaction to such a feat. What's the actual difference in the time you get home? 20 minutes tops would be my guess. Basically, you would get home at 9:45 vs 9:15, but you would have seen something amazing versus just hearing about it on sportscenter.


If you are paying for a sporting event, why would you sell yourself short?? Do yourself a favor and Stay for the whole game. Hell, even if the tickets are free you should stay. I even stay for blowouts. The teams appreciate your support. Show them appreciation by just sitting there until the final buzzer.