The Apples of My Eye: Turn The Page - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

 - Patrick Nash

So I know my focus so far has been mostly Hip Hop and R&B related. I decided to switch it up this time around. Growing up there was always an eclectic mix of music in the house. My mom definitely has a wider spectrum musically than I do. I still love quite a few of the songs she introduced to me though. On of the songs that struck a cord with me is Turn The Page by Bob Seger.

One of my mom's favorite albums is Live Bullet which is a live album (get it....LIVE bullet) of songs performed by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. I've heard this album many times and even now own my own copy. I'm a fan of all of the songs on this album. It is actually one of the few non hip hop or R&B albums I can let ride from beginning to end. But the one song that always stood out to me was Turn The Page.

From the opening soulful sounds of the saxophone the song instantly became one of my favorite songs. The lyrics of the song gives a first person view of what it is to be famous and living on the road. From the feeling of hearing snide comments from those who aren't fans of the music to the calm after a performance is an eye opening experience and allows insight into the artist's life. This insight can more than likely can be applied to a lot of musical artists of the time. 

The Live Bullet version of the song is definitely my favorite. To me, it is the most honest version of the song. There's no engineer tuning the song for an album. No mixing and mastering to make it perfect. The live band, live sax and live lyrics add to the overall feel of the song. You can tell that the song has extra meaning to the band as a whole. Of course, this is just my opinion and they could actually hate the song.

Once again, I appreciate those who read these articles. I know this one isn't as in depth as the other music based ones. It is a bit difficult to break down the music of a song that is made by a band instead of a producer like most hip hop and R&B songs are. I hope you enjoyed this nonetheless. Give the article a comment if you so desire. Like and share also if you can. Word of mouth is big for us right now. Thanks again...and on that note....