New Dad Old Dad

 - Terence McDermott

I'm having a baby. Wait...what?? Yes you read that right....I AM HAVING ANOTHER KID! Most people who truly know me were surprised when I told them. Hell, i was more surprised than anyone. I didn't come to terms with it easily either. It really doesn't matter how I took it either because the baby was coming either way.  

I have noticed a bunch of differences in myself. The most glaring difference is my patience. I'm definitely more patient than iI have ever been. It is a quailty that didn't come naturally. I have been working on my patience for at least a year. I noticed myself becoming a grumpy old one wants that guy around. So i decided to practice being calm when things don't go my way. Stop being spoiled Bro! Deal with it. 

My confidence took a blow over the last couple of years. I attribute it to NOT chasing girls daily. As weird as it sounds, being rejected by a woman can be a tool to boost your confidence because now you know what works and what doesn't. You learn to adjust yourself and go back knowing your next plan of attack WILL be successful. 

The unknown. I'm not scared of the unknown this time around. Probably, because I know more. I'm wiser. I'm approaching it from an older perspective. I have less going on. I'm settled. I'm a better person than I was for my first Son. (sorry kid)  My first son turned out to be amazing through all of my crazy mistakes. I'm hoping I can recreate that magic.

Being such a young parent that first go around was more difficult because the whole world is a distraction. No focus. No experience. No clue. I pretty much winged it and lived off of my minimal life experiences. This time, I have a clue. Definitely the experience! As for being focused, its less focus and more preparedness. I'm prepared to be whatever my next Son needs me to be. I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to be a great father all over again. 

This has been my biggest life lesson. The lessons I'm learning are less about situations and more about myself. I will contiunue to grow as a person. I will continue to be the man i want my Sons to be. I can't wait for the new challenge!