- Patrick Nash

Man, where did we all go wrong? How did we get to this point? I know this might seem a bit of an overreaction but this is something that weighs (not heavily mind you) on me daily. We as a society have lost a semi important aspect of being a human being...being courteous. For those who don't know (for some reason or another), the definition of being courteous is to be polite, respectful or considerate in manner. There are a lot of people that may think that the simple action of being courteous is no longer important. I have to disagree with those people. Also, I will try to make this as less preachy as possible.

I was raised to act a certain way. I had certain things instilled in me at a young age in regards to how to treat other people. Those things have stuck with me from childhood to adulthood and are things that i still follow (for the most part) to this day. Of course, I am human and I make mistakes and can be not so courteous on occasions. But, for the most part, I still tend to follow those simple rules that were taught to me so many years ago. 

This isn't a generational thing. It's not an older generation versus new generation issue. It's not a race thing or a class based issue either. Also, I'm not commenting on the world as a whole (as I have only ever lived in America) since I have had no real experience outside of the US. I've seen it from the elderly. I've seen it from teenagers and twenty-somethings. I've seen it from those in their middle-ages to those in my same age group (I'm 35). I've seen it less often in children than adults, which, shows that these things are still being taught to our children. Somewhere along the line between childhood and adulthood we lose it. 

Being courteous is a relatively simple things in reality. From holding the door open for someone (whether it be a male or female) or letting someone into your lane trying to exit a business, these things should be easy. Far too often you see someone who is trying to leave a business and instead of letting at least one car out people will pull up closer to the car in front of them to prevent them from pulling out (HA!). Holding the door open is now a lost art. Please and thank you have gone the way of the dodo (extinct bird). 

How often has your day turned bad because someone refused to let you over while driving? Or your running late and getting frustrated because you are trying to get on the road but no one will let you in? Now think, how often are you that other person? It's something to think about the next time you're out in the world. Be polite to each other. You never know how easy it is to make someone's day just a bit better by being more human.