- Patrick Nash

I watched Man of Steel again today and decided to give a quick review. The casting was solid for this movie. Henry Cavill was a great choice for Superman, maybe not a great Clark Kent. Michael Shannon as Did was perfect. He has the acting range to portray a man who is willing to anything to save his people. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were good as Martha and Jonathan Kent. Kevin Costner did a great job showing the struggle of raising a child who literally can change the world.

The story itself is solid. It's always tough to have to rehash a story that had already been told multiple times. It was good they didn't dwell too much on the growing up portion, choosing to show quick flashbacks when needed. I do think they had to sacrifice a bit of storytelling in regards to the Superman/Lois Lane relationship. In movie time it made it look like they met twice and basically fell in love. The problem, in my opinion, is any Superman movie is it's either too slow paced for some people (Superman Returns) or too world destructive like in Man of Steel. It is obviously extremely difficult to find a proper middle ground in a 2 - 2 1/2 hour timespan.

All in all I think it is a solid movie and was a good starting point for the DC cinematic universe. There have unfortunately been some stumbles after this movie (Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad). Here's hoping Wonder Woman will get it back on track.


Random thoughts:

Superman was a little petty in a couple scenes. Even aliens are petty I guess.

The scene with Jonathan Kent and the tornado still gets me. Great scene.

Zod was a beast. Wish he didn't die.

I'm not an Amy Adams fan. But she seems to have a Superman fetish. (She was also in an episode of Smallville.