The Apples of My Eye: R&B music (and singing)

- Patrick Nash

Welcome back people. Or welcome back me. I've been slacking off on the writing front. For those that actually enjoys reading this stuff I apologize. At the very least I want to keep writing about stuff. It's kind of therapeutic. Anyways, for those that don't remember, the Apples of my Eye posts are just me giving a view into my life and/or mind. Of the people involved in this venture I'm probably the least vocal. But anyways, back to one of my least favorite subjects to talk about. Me.

I love R&B music. I love singing R&B music. To the 2 to 3 people that read this don't get it twisted. I am not very good at singing. But that doesn't stop me from acting like I'm the greatest at it. I'm going to lump rapping along to songs into this as well. Little known fact, I wanted to be a rapper when I was in high school. I even recorded a couple songs roughly 7 years ago. Obviously, It didn't go too far. I am mediocre at best. But it was and still is a passion. Most of my singing is R&B songs. R&B is my first musical love. My mom would put on music when she was getting ready to get us up to clean house on the weekends. I remember listening to those late 80's songs by Babyface (one of my mother's favorite artists) and falling in love with the whole vibe of R&B. 

I spend a lot of the day singing. I sing to work. I sing at work (which I'm sure annoys my coworkers). I sing going home. I sing at home. I have a passion for music. I just don't have the talent for it. A good R&B artist can write the soundtrack for my life. All the ups and downs (especially the downs) of life have already been turned into song. R&B music has just as many get hyped for the club songs as hip hop. R&B also has the songs that pull at your heart strings. Those songs that mirror the pain you are feeling in a loss of something. Songs that are uplifting. Songs that make you happy and sad. R&B has it all. One of the most therapeutic things for me revolves around listening to and singing R&B music. When I have a lot going on I take a drive. Normally it's a drive to and through the cities that surround Phoenix. I drive and listen to music. It helps to calm my mind. I'm an over-thinker. Driving and singing helps to focus my mind on something else. Something that's not weighing me down. 

I love the high notes on a song. I try every single time, and fail, to hit every single note. It's fun and makes me laugh when I fail. Or those songs you skipped for one reason or another that you finally give a chance and you realize this songs is fire. Yes, that can be with any genre of music but this is specifically about R&B. There is a song called Heart Attack by Trey Songz that always comes to mind when I think about this. I skipped this song so many times because the beginning sounds to video game like and it reminded me of a song i absolutely dislike by Trey Songz called LOL Smiley Face (garbage song). I finally just let the song ride one day while I was driving and had to rewind it at least once because, to me, it was that good. 

For those that read to the end thanks. I still want to get back into the whole writing thing. Been slacking on a lot of things lately. Take care people. Like and share and all that...